Visualize Incomes
Visualizes Your Incomes
Shows your incomes and completions by an intuitive and vivid viewpoint.
Easy to Use
Very Easy to Use
Only need to input the incomes, 5II will calculate the deserved icons and balance.
Daily Incomes
Daily Incomes Detail
Contains each income item, total incomes, previous balance, icons got and balance of this day.
Monthly Incomes
Incomes by Monthly
Contains completions, average and sum.
Global Currencies
Supports all Global Currencies
No matter which currency you use, you can use 5II easily.
Natural Monthly Calendar
Natural Monthly Calendar View
Simple, clear, complied with common usage.

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Are you tired of the traditional boring and dizzying digital bookkeeping? If so, please try 5 Icons Income! It uses the original 5-icon viewpoint to show your incomes, displays your daily income in a novel, intuitive and vivid view.

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