Very easy to use, generally, do not need to read the help.


Solves some specific problems of your work and life.


Novel presentation and / or operation mode.


Playable software, but not game:)
No Ad, No Bundle, No Virus, No Spyware, No SEO, Just for HUUF!
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5 Icons Income v2.0

Are you tired of the traditional boring and dizzying digital bookkeeping? If so, please try 5 Icons Income! It uses the original 5-icon viewpoint to show your incomes, displays your daily income in a novel, intuitive and vivid view.

  • Visualizes Your Incomes
  • Daily Incomes Detail
  • Incomes by Monthly
  • Supports all Global Currencies
  • Natural Monthly Calendar View
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QuoteSeems to be a nice program. A bit different than others. Will help me in knowing if I am on path of financial success. Others may not be so nice though... Nice one from Trisun. - By Harry for 5 Icons Income

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